Wish you could discover the fountain of youth?

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Trust me, we all do! haha Sadly, it doesn’t exist, HOWEVER, there are some simple ways that you can take care of yourself.

  1. Use. That. Sunscreen! I mean it. 🙂 Slather on that zinc. For the best fo both worlds, try using a self bronzer with SPF already in it. That way, you get that sunshine glow without all the damage. You can look like you stepped off a Hawaiian beach, without harming your skin. 

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  1. Please don’t smoke. Does this even need to be said anymore? Smoking makes you look decades older and decreases your life span. Don’t do it. To stop smoking, there are multiple aids to help you do so, from hypnotherapy to nicotine replacement therapies.
  2. Workout – if you want to look younger, focus on building muscle. Also, feel younger, opt for both building muscle and stretching exercises like yoga or pilates (I love Yogaworks!). Cardio is great for your heart and lungs, but if you’re lifting heavy enough weights, you will be doing cardio while also getting the benefits of gaining muscle. (No, you’re not going to suddenly get bulky; it’s incredibly hard to gain muscle, and if you’re in the gym for one hour 3 times a week, you’re not putting on pounds of muscle anytime soon.)

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  1. Eat a diet of rainbows  – no, not skittles… haha Although, that would be nice. Your body processes vitamins and minerals differently when it comes from a supplement than when it comes from fruits and vegetables directly. If you’re looking directly to reduce the effects of aging, choose fruits and veggies that are yellows and oranges, such as carrots. These offer a lot of carotenoids. Look for purple and blue colors as well, which provide resveratrol and act as antioxidants. Eat those blueberries!
  2. No matter what you do your skin will lose collagen as you age (*cry face). Everyone has to make their own choices and decide what is right for them. Personally, I chose to go through life without any surgeries, but what is most important is that you feel good about YOU. And no one else can judge that. So, if you are interested, check out this site where you can learn more about breast lift surgery or breast augmentation. It’s important to find a doc that will give the BEST care and make you feel comfortable. Not willing to take that leap like me? No problem. – If that’s the case, continue to integrate collagen into your diet. This will be harder if you’re vegan or vegetarian, but if you are willing to go the route of bone broth that’s an easy way to make sure that you have enough collagen in your diet. It can really affect the elasticity of your skin. There’s also a lot of other evidence that it helps things like asthma and allergies and your digestive system. So, all around WIN!

Many of these tips focus on the physical appearance of aging, but by integrating these tips, you’ll also realize you feel younger, as well. 🙂

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