What Does It Mean to Be A Blogger in 2020?

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What do the words: blogger, influencer, and content creator mean to you? These buzz words have been flying around for some time, and not always with the best connotation. But to me, working within these apps is what YOU make of it. They can be used for SO MUCH GOOD!

Some people might say social media is too intrusive to their lives. Well, then I’d say to them in return, ‘simply post things you WANT to share with the world.’ 🙂 The great thing about blogging and content creation is that YOU are in control of what you would like everyone to see. For instance, if you use a video story community app, you’re in charge of which videos you’re going to post. Maybe your romantic relationship or your family is too close to the heart, for example, but you’d love to tell all of your friends – and the rest of the globe -about your latest happy hour bar, newest sample sale find, or nightly beauty routine regimen. (I’d like tips on any of those topics btw! ;))

Personally, I love blogging. It helps me connect with people all over the world. It helps me learn about new things and frequently come across different perspectives and ideas.

Right now is a tough time. So many people are struggling, out of work, and looking for a new life purpose. I know in situations like these, it’s easy to feel that forward movement is futile. But I promise you it isn’t. When you look at an end goal of something you want to accomplish, it can be daunting. But if you do just one thing a day in an effort to achieve what you want, you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come in even just a week.

So why wait?

I know you have something to say. And I want to hear it! 

So maybe it’s time for YOU to start your own ‘lifestyle blog?’ You have the extra time and awesome insights people want to hear about. Cooking, fashion, politics, lifestyle, fitness, life hacks… there are countless topics to choose from which can inspire. And I promise you this, you can’t go wrong if you write about things you TRULY LOVE.

Now, I know what you are thinking… But Lauren, ‘where do I start?’ Great question! I actually found a website that’s pretty helpful called Blog On Your Own. They break it down in easy, digestible steps. They have links to sites with ‘themes,’ which if you don’t know what that is – a theme is basically the template or formatting of your web page – ie. How your blog will look to visitors. This is important because you want your blog to be aesthetically pleasing and also reflect your personal style and the topics you discuss on your site.

Still need some inspiration? No problem! Sometimes the best way to get started is to look to other bloggers who are crushing it! Here are a few that I think do a great job –

Michelle Goth

Check out Michelle Goth, Amanda Stanton, Gary Vaynerchuk (who also has a podcast), and Michael Arrington of Tech Crunch.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Now stop wasting time and go make something AWESOME. 🙂

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