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When it comes to smart fashion buying, it’s all about making sure that the purchases you make really suit you as an individual. You need to consider your needs and what on the market is speaking to them right now. When it comes to watches, it’s about more than just the styling, it’s about the practicality, as well. So if your watch stopped working, it’s not always a good idea to replace it. A watch repair professional may still be able to save it.

We’re going to look at a few elements to consider when choosing what type of watch you need.


Why are you buying a watch? Nowadays, watches are split into two main categories. If keeping time and also enhancing your look is the main purpose for why you are buying a watch, then you’re most likely going to want an analog-style watch. However, smartwatches have become a lot more popular for those who want a new tech toy or something to help them engage with a range of apps. There is an even further subdivision with smart watchers with fitness trackers being designed specifically for those who want to use a watch to facilitate a more active lifestyle.


The complications of the watch are where the watch fans really start to pay attention. These are the little features in the face that determine what kind of information the watch offers and in what format. For instance, the Nautilus from Patek Philippe is famous for some of its complications, including things like a moon phase, date indicator, small seconds, and power reserve indicator. It’s not just about which complications the watch has, of course, but also how easy it is to read each of those complications and get your money’s worth from them.

Material and movements

It’s not just the features that a watch brings that determine its appeal, but the materials and mechanisms that drive them. To that end, watches that use quartz movements, like the Braun BN0035, might be more expensive but also require less maintenance because they require a battery, which also helps them run more smoothly in general. Similarly, titanium and carbon fiber might be higher quality materials that last longer and hold more of a luster than stainless steel, but you will pay more for the privilege. 


Of course, we can’t all pretend that people buy watches just for the watches themselves. They also buy them for the impact of the brand name and how it reflects on them as a person. The most famous example of this are the Rolex watches. They’re high-quality watches, yes, but their brand name shines above even other very high quality watches simply because they have become synonymous with success, wealth, and prestige over the years, so much so that fake versions of them remain some of the most frequently bootlegged items on the market.

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