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Trend-Prive-Mag-2014-SummerVOL._4-020_2015This feature in Trend Prive magazine was due to the release of my single “What Is Love” and the music video to go along with it. The whole video was styled by JRPros and the clothing was very specific due to the UFC celebrity fighter tie-ins. All of the wardrobe was functional and sporty, yet still trendy. JRPros was also savy enough to suggest a color scheme for each fight crew to separate the athletes and actors visually in the storyline.

The real trick was combining some of the fighters OWN clothing lines and apparel (Like Urijah Faber’s clothing line – Torque) with the additional pieces we found for the video.

If you’d like to see how it all came together, feel free to watch the music videoHERE!

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