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Where my fellow creators at?!

As you all know, I’m a multi-hyphenate, and I do a lot of my bookings myself. Yes, I do have professional reps. But let’s be real. A lot of awesome gigs come from personal relationships or a connection directly to the source.

I’ve recently come across this new app called “Special Guest.” It was created by Damon Wayans Jr and Kristopher Jones. Wayans Jr, as a stand-up comedian, gets booked for gigs all the time, but it wasn’t always so easy. Many performers would LOVE to have a tool that would help them get more work. But where to promote?… Social media? Their website? Craig’s list? “Special Guest” provides an answer.

In an age where apps are ruling the planet, and there’s literally an app for EVERYTHING you might need, why not have an app for booking talent? Also, why should high-end talent be reserved for only theaters and massive clubs? If you are a company, an event, or just a baddass individual who has the cash to book some meaningful talent, then why the h-e-double hockey sticks not?! The performers usually WANT the additional work, and everyone benefits. But “Special Guest” is not just for A-list talent, in fact, it’s bread and butter is more-so newbies and up-and-comers who have a skill and are looking to be hired.

“Special Guest” essentially works as a marketplace for artists and ‘artist appreciators’ to come together. There are all types of entertainers on the app from comedians, to singers, to photographers, to full bands, to DJs. Oh, and I’m on there too! The app also highlights features such as ‘In-App Messaging’ to allow for better communication between booker and talent, as well as ‘Ratings and Reviews’ so those up-and-comers can get the praise and gigs they deserve!

If you are a performer and want to sign up, or you are someone who wants to hire some dope AF talent, CLICK HERE to see more.

If you want to hear more about “Special Guest” directly from the horse’s mouth, check this interview of Damon Wayans Jr and Kristopher Jones with Gary Vee.

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