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DSC_5354Tis the season of summer dresses!

Bright colors, spaghetti straps, bold prints, lace…

Ladies, it is time to embrace your inner ‘girlie’ self! Now, for some of you, that may already be within your normal personal style, but for a girl like me who is more comfortable in cut-off jean shorts, a sports bra, and a crop top, frills can be VERY adventurous!

Good news is… there are a ton of options out there that can let you express your own personal style, while still feeling like the summer goddess you are!

For example, I LOVE this VARGA dress and matching cinched belt you see here on the left. It’s very feminine and summery, yet the plunging neckline and flirty hemline make me feel a little more dangerous and more ‘me.’ DSC_5312To round out the outfit, the sparkle of the STEVE MADDEN shoes here in the above photo tie in with the crystal decor of the bone-colored bow belt.

DSC_4899This second dress is also VARGA. (They have amazing summer styles if you couldn’t tell. ;)) I like pairing this dress with an antique black and gold pendant and some black patent leather 5” pumps from BETSY JOHNSON. These shoes even have a hot pink bottom sole, which gives them some extra sass in my book. You could ‘funk’ this look up even more with a chunky silver bracelet if your personal style is more like mine.

So, there you have it. Get your tan on and rock those sexy hemlines ladies!

Get these looks HERE:

First Look:

Floral dress: Varga

Bow Belt: Varga

Shoes: Steve Madden

Second Look:

Jean and Polka Dot/Floral Dress: Varga

Shoes: Betsy Johnson

As usual comment and message me your thoughts on these looks by clicking the comment bubble or heart icon at the top right hand side of this blog post. I love hearing from you!

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