“Sugar Daddy’s Girl” Video release THIS FRIDAY!!!

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“Sugar Daddy’s Girl” is a song by Lauren Mayhew, producer – Ellis Miah, and writer – Jon Ernst, that has gotten more than 3 MILLION combined views on YOUTUBE! It’s been featured on COUNTLESS TV shows such as Lifetime’s “Dance Moms” and a national commercial for KLONDIKE BAR!

With the song’s success, Miss Mayhew decided it was time to make a music video! With the help of phenomenal actors – DENNIS HASKINS (whom you may all know best as “Mr. Belding” from ‘Saved by the Bell) playing Lauren’s ‘Dad,’ MARK HAPKA (from “Days of Our Lives”) playing Lauren’s ‘Ex-Boyfriend,’ and up and comer, Kiki Carney, playing Lauren’s ‘Little sister’ “Sugar Daddy’s Girl” has now come to life!!!

A BIG thank you goes out to our sponsors: AMI CLUBWEAR, KANDYWRAPPERS, and LUXE BOUTIQUE for providing the clothing, bathing suits, and awesome boutique location to shoot in!

Shooting the “Sugar Family” photos with Dennis Haskens, Toni Deaver, and Kiki Carney!
Thanks Jarrett McGovern for being an amazing DP!

Our other DP, Richard Salazar, becoming ONE with his equipment! He’s amazing!

Thanks KandyWrappers for these super sexy swimsuits!

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