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Boo2Bullying_FS_225 Hi guys! So, I recently attended a charity event called “Boo to Bullying,” which is headed by ABC Family star and actress, Cassie Scerbo.

These types of events are filled with young Hollywood do-gooders who use their influence and social media followings to start cool campaigns like this one – #TakeABiteOutOfBullying! (Check it out!)

So the key to a stellar outfit is something trendy, fun, young, and nighttime. Ladies, this is the outfit that when you wear it, it makes a statement, but isn’t cocktail attire or too dressed up. Whatever your own personal ‘style-flair‘ is (like Gwen Stefani’s patented red lips, Kim Kardashian’s tight, low cut dresses, or Rihanna’s spiked/studded jackets), this is the outfit that should show it off!

Personally, I think fun graphic tees with text on it is always a good conversation starter. So I picked a black and gold crop top with the word ‘BOSS’ emblazoned on it. For a self-proclaimed independent woman, this shirt not only made me feel like a bad-*ss, but it definitely started some fun conversations. 😉 TIP: To my shy-er, sexy ladies: Maybe this could be a secret weapon to help you talk to that cute boy!

I paired the crop top with a brown pencil skirt from VARGA, my new favorite store! (Get ready to see a lot of other amazing pieces from them on this blog because they #rock!) The skirt has a black skinny belt and gold buckle, which tied in the crop top perfectly. The material contains an awesome combo of rayon, nylon, and spandex, which means it has just enough stretch, and looks good on EVERY body type. Woohoo!

Boo2Bullying_FS_224Photo by Faye Sadou

I would LOVE to hear what YOUR personal ‘style-flair’ is! Share it here with all of us above by clicking the comment bubble on the top right-hand corner!

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  • Dave

    I need one of these for my girlfriend, who is also my first wife, and current wife, ha. She thinks she is boss. That’s gonna keep her happy, yaaa! I need to buy it right away.

  • Lauren

    Sounds like a plan! Happy wife, happy life! #SmartMan 🙂

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