Starring in Short Film – “Run For Your Life”

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ndsotO1444083727I recently got the opportunity to work with phenomenal director, Luis Goyanes, in a short film series he has been producing with his production partner, Aaron Feldmann, called “Run For Your Life.”

Everything that you see was shot on the streets of Venice, California. We all learned the fight choreography the day of, and ran more than I think I ever have in my life! The story was only loosely scripted, so we had some great leeway to go through the multiple options of how the chase would end… Or is this just the beginning? 😉

I hope you guys enjoy my girl fight with the talented, Julieta Ferrero, and additional fight scenes with amazing actor, George Villas. We had a blast making them and scored a couple of bruises along the way!

A BIG thank you goes out to phenomenal stunt choreographer, Sam Hale, and cinematographer, Eloi Moli.

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