Starring in new film “What Happened Last Night”

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SqshOhXmSo amped to announce that I start shooting November 30th for new feature film “What Happened Last Night” as the role of ‘Megan!’

The movie is slated to start filming in New York City with Candice T. Cain at the helm as director/writer. Other notable actors on-board include: Clayton Snyder (from the “Lizzie Maguire” movies), Shelley Regner (from “Pitch Perfect” and “Pitch Perfect 2”), Jake Thomas (from “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”) T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh (from “That’s So Raven”), and David Otonga (from the WWE).

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 Here’s the gist: Two college students, Danny and Sarah, are strangers until they wake up together after a night of partying. Told in reverse time order, the story follows what happened the night before.

Stay tuned for lots of BTS pics and updates on the theatrical release!

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