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Anyone interested in fashion of any kind will likely know that it can get expensive. Fast. Whenever we go to a Women’s Lifestyle Clothing shop, we often know to buy quality over quantity, but that is hardly the end of the discussion. The ethical standards of the companies we purchase from, our own fashion habits, who we support, how we wear our support, and what trends we contribute to can all have an effect on the overall scope of the fashion industry. After all, by wearing clothes that help us feel powerful and confident, we set standards across the board.

But how can you make better fashionable purchases, and how can you do this reliably? This can seem like a complicated question for the most part, and it may even lead us to feel somewhat exhausted trying to get a hold on things. That being said, there’s no reason why you cannot stay absolutely magnetized to the best fashion choices and feel as though you’re not contributing to the negative parts of the industry – such as harmful manufacturing processes abroad.

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Support New Designers

Fashion design takes plenty of creativity, guts, and determination to make a statement, so it’s not hard to see why many designers feel intimidated to start. It could be that through stores like Depop and other fashion platforms you can come across local or national young designers that may hold your attention. Supporting these initiatives can help you enjoy more connection to your fashion brands, and help you champion designers outside of the usual ‘affluent design’ categories. Provided you feel comfortable and powerful wearing Kinross clothing items, experimentation can be a great thing. So, go for it!

Avoid Counterfeits

It’s a shame to see that with the intense complexity of fashion intellectual property requirements, many counterfeits and IP thefts can exist. This is why, especially when supporting smaller brands, it’s very important to ensure legitimate purchases are made and that you do so through official channels. Counterfeits can only hinder the hard work any designer from paying off, and this can mean that your favorite brands, which push the ethical standards can be harmed. That in itself should give us a reason to ensure that we support the industry trends we hope to see, always in the best possible sense.

Break Traditions

Breaking traditions can also be a valuable use of your time. Inclusivity can be a big platform, and also really fun! Maybe celebrate the best of African culture through inspired new collections. It could end up being your favorite new piece. This might also look like supporting the companies that partake in practices which help your money go towards real, positive change or charitable initiatives – like Toms Shoes or Malaika Bracelets. Why not DO GOOD with your fashion statements?

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