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Hi Everyone!

Who has searched high and low for the PERFECT bedding? Well, search no further! I just received my GhostBed fitted sheet set with pillow cases, and I must say – I. AM. IN. LOVE.

Personally, I have a California King sized bed, so I ordered the Cali King in Light Grey, however, they also offer this size in a crisp White as well, you can check out this king size TV bed for sale that they have available.

By reading this content, I learned that the GhostBed luxury sheet + pillow case set is made from premium Supima Cotton. ‘What’s Supima Cotton,’ you ask? Great question! I didn’t know either. 🙂 Turns out it’s revolutionary Tencel Fiber, with 50% more absorbance than regular cotton, complete with a silky smooth feel. Basically, this translates to – it’s super high quality and feels amazing to the touch.

Also amazing? – The sheets ship FREE via FedEx and are guaranteed to last for years due to GhostBed’s unique weave of durability.

If you’d like to order some GhostBed sheets for yourself, click here —>

I haven’t had the opportunity to try out the GhostBed mattress, but I hear that it is also amazing and great quality! It’s made of gel memory foam, which sounds like heaven! You can look at this site and see if they have it.

Happy DREAMING Everyone!

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