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Hey guys!

It has been a HOT ONE this summer! The sun has really been shining down it’s glorious rays, which means that it’s just THAT much more important to protect your beautiful faces ladies!

I discovered a line of products called Reviva Labs, and they are the perfect remedy to counteract sun damage.

Pictured here to the left is the Dark Spot Brightening Serum, Skin Brightener Fade Cream, and Brightening Facial Cleanser.

I usually use the cleanser first, followed by the serum, and then finish with the Brightener Fade Cream. The cream is amazing, because it is super hydrating and actually feels like a layer of protection is being added to your face. That being said, it still leaves your skin lightweight and able to breathe. (I can’t stand it when it feels like I have a bunch of gunk on my face!)

I think my favorite product though has to be the Dark Spot Brightening Serum. It is pictured here to the right. Most of my girlfriends feel like they don’t have to worry about skin damage because we are all still pretty young, but just like with most things in life, great skin doesn’t have an age. Prevention is KEY! It’s much harder to reverse damage than to never get it in the first place!

Here is a link to all of Reviva Labs’ products, and ENJOY having young, healthy looking skin ALWAYS!



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