Model & ‘Mentor’ for Awesome Program – “Starving Artists”

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DSC_5647Hello All!

Today, I would like to introduce you to something amazing…

I now have the pleasure of knowing red carpet photographer, Michael Bezjian. We originally met from the multitude of times he photographed me at various events and awards shows which I have attended. After awhile, I got to know him by name and eventually befriended him. He was always talented and outgoing, but now I know… clearly, an ‘idea man!’

He first approached me to be a mentor for his charity/initiative called, “The Starving Artists Project,” about 6 months ago. I loved it so much, I came back again, and did this most recent shoot with him.

So, what is the “Starving Artists Project” you ask? GREAT QUESTION! 🙂 It basically brings together working actors, musicians, and hosts with newbies who are trying to get their feet wet for a photo shoot. The working actors will interact with the newbies, get interviewed by local news crews regarding their journey to success, and provide insight and answer questions for the newer talent.

Hair stylists, makeup artists, and brands also attend, not only for the social media blitz from the actors and musicians, but also to meet new up-and-coming actors, and get additional print materials for their books.

“So, what’s the catch?” – you ask.


There is none! In fact, everything is free! You are given an envelope and asked to donate whatever you can if you’d like, but nothing is required. It is truly a collection of creative people giving others just starting out in the industry an opportunity to get great head shots or lifestyle shots that might not have been so easily affordable to them otherwise.

If you are interested in seeing the photography work Michael does for this project, some of the photos from the shoot of both the working actors and the newbies (including some of mine :)) can now be found on Getty Images. I hope you enjoy. Click HERE to view.

And if you are a working actor in LA who’d like to mentor (like me), or a newbie who’d like to take advantage of this awesome initiative, please check out “The Starving Artist Project.” for the deets on the next shoot!

Per usual, click on the comment bubble in the top right hand corner if you have any questions you want to ask me! I love hearing from you!

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