NEW REMIX of “Look Inside” by Paolo Aliberti

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MAYHEM’s new single, “Look Inside,” is about seeing past your initial impression of someone, and realizing who they really are. MAYHEM feels that there can be a lot of substance behind even the slickest exterior, and we all must learn to “Look Inside” the people we encounter to see what they’re really made of.

The single will be released through Malaco/ X Records in September and an amazing new remix will be available courtesy of Italian DJ/Remixer, Paolo Aliberti. Paolo’s melodic rendition intensifies the true meaning of the song and takes the listener on a journey that would have any club-goer on his feet dancing to Paolo’s insane build-ups and explosions of rhythm and beat.

So, who IS Mayhem?

MAYHEM is a feisty femme fatal. You can see her core essence as a throwback to the 1980’s glam rock where women didn’t always mind their manners, and jammed out harder than the boys.

The females of this era ala the Joan Jetts and Stevie Nicks, were tough with a fiery spirit that exuded sexuality and bad-assness. This is what MAYHEM is all about.

The difference is… she takes this concept and makes it her own. In the musical dance trend that is sweeping the world’s airwaves, MAYHEM makes her own original stamp by combining her rock edge with ‘all the rage’ Dance/Electronic beats. She takes these infectious driving dance beats that would rock out any club, and drenches them with the crunch of rock’n’roll power chords to add a SIGNATURE SASS that gives her an EDGE all her own.


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