Look out BEACH, here we come!

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Hey guys!

Summer is FULLY upon us!

Beach breaks are fantastic, aren’t they?! What could be better than spending hours laying in the sun, reading a book and sipping an ice-cold drink, far away from the stresses of everyday life? Whether your beach breaks are mostly spent lying about relaxing, or you prefer a more adventurous time with water sports and fun beach activities, a trip to the beach can be nothing short of glorious, especially if you’ve been working hard all year!

The thing with going to the beach though is that we all want to look our best. Not just because we care what other people think. Even if you are exceptionally body confident and happy in your own skin … you might still be a tad self-conscience about the idea of stripping down to your bikini on the beach. 

Most of us are guilty of following trends and shopping in popular stores, which means that when we get to the beach, we all look pretty much the same. We’ve all got on-trend sandals and sunglasses. Swimwear is all a similar style, and oversized hats and totes are everywhere you look. If you want to stand out on the beach this summer, maybe it’s time to step away from all of those summer trends and create your own look

Get it Personalized

Slogans and funny sayings are always in-fad and a great conversation starter. The best thing about this idea is that you can stick with fashionable, fitted piece; and still be completely unique at the same time. Come up with your own slogans and get them printed on Shirts and Hatsand even beach bags. Make YOUR statement. 🙂

Wear it with Confidence

If there’s one thing most people on the beach have in common, it’s concerns about how they look and a reluctance to take off their shirt. If you want to stand out and look fantastic, leave the doubts at home. Look after yourself, eat well, exercise and know your own body. Give it some love, and show off as much (or as little) of it as you want – on your own terms and in your own way. Whatever you DO wear, wear it with confidence and a big smile. You’ll stand out from a mile away. 

Have Some Fun

The people that stand out on the beach, the people that we’re jealous of and would love to be like, aren’t the women in the best bikinis or with the tightest abs and longest legs. They aren’t the girls in the designer’s shades or most expensive shoes. We really don’t notice these things at all. We do notice FUN. We admire the families that are laughing and playing frisbee. We smile at the people playing with their dog on the beach without a care in the world, and we wish we were as confident as the women swimming alone in the sea. Have some fun, enjoy yourself. Forget everyone else and they’ll want to be just like you.

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