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So, as most of you know, I sing, DJ, and act. All of these activities keep me on the move to different locations, times zones, and venues around the world.

We have all been there… Why is it that simply sitting on a plane, train, or bus 1. zaps all your energy, 2. allows you to get sick more easily, and 3. drys out your skin?

There are many ‘expert traveler tips‘ that will help you to prevent all of these ailments from happening. But which ones will work for YOU? Here are some things I’ve learned which science tells us, and that I’m actually able to implement into my routine.

Travel gurus will tell you to ‘book the perfect flight.’ Meaning… book a flight in the morning if you want to be on the same time zone and fall asleep the second you get to the hotel. Well, doesn’t that sound nice! The problem is, if you are traveling to places like Rockwall, TX for work or vacation you rarely get to choose the “perfect” flight. So what’s a girl to do?

  1. HYDRATE – It’s so simple, yet so many of us forget to drink enough water! We can guzzle down a full bottle of rosé with friends, but chugging water seems to be a chore. Well, if plain old water isn’t your jam, spice it up with some of these extra-hydrating liquids:
    • Water (adding fruits like lemon, lime and cucumber is even better!)
    • Fat-free or skim milk
    • Coconut water
    • Sports drinks
    • Caffeine-free tea

    Also, with about 20% of the average person’s daily fluid intake coming from food, make sure that your meals are helping to hydrate you too! Here are some healthy choices:

    • Watermelon
    • Cucumber
    • Celery
    • Lettuce
    • StrawberriesAside from hydrating, you may also take some medications, from legitimate online pharmacies like the , to battle against the jet lag or any kind of illness.

2. SNAG THE WINDOW SEAT – Studies have actually shown that there tends to be less germs in the WINDOW seat. Sitting farther away from the aisle makes you less susceptible to airborne germs passed along by other passengers. If you are a frequent flyer and plan even in a LITTLE in advance, this should be doable!

3. INSTASLEEP MINT MELTS – I was introduced to InstaSleep at a fashion show during New York Fashion Week.  I happened to stumble upon their booth and took a free sample. Happiest coincidence EVER! It turns out InstaSleep combines three natural active ingredients — melatonin, GABA and 5-HTP — in a gentle, drug-free and non-habit-forming sleep aid that acts fast to help you achieve great rest. With a delicious taste and convenient melt-in-mouth tablet form — no water needed — it is an enjoyable way to finally catch some zzz’s while traveling. The best part? It won’t leave you feeling groggy and disoriented when you wake up. Get your pack here.

Here’s how important my sleep is to me. Let me take you through this past weekend for an example:

7am – Wake up and HYDRATE. I am taking the train to Washington D.C. to attend an amazing gala that I am DJing.

I have carefully packed my gown, heels, DJ equipment, and OF COURSE, my InstaSleep.

10am – I board the train to D.C. The train is FULLY packed so there aren’t any extra seats. (I, unfortunately, got an aisle seat as well. :/) My only hope is my InstaSleep Mint Melts will help me drift off.

SUCCESS! I actually was able to sleep HALF of the 3 hrs to D.C.

1:15pm – Arrive to D.C.

2:00pm – Check in to hotel. Go over DJ set

4:00pm – Get Hair and Makeup ready. Head out to venue.

6:30pm – Arrive to venue

8:00pm – SHOWTIME!

1:00am – The gala was a BLAST and I felt well-rested enough to finish my performance with the energy that I needed thanks to my nap on the train. I pack up, head back to the hotel, and pass out the moment my head hits the pillow around 2:30am.

9:00am – Wake up and head to the train station. Once again, this is my ONLY nap time to prepare for the DJ set I will be spinning at the trendy Okinii Sushi Lounge and Bar for their Sunset Sessions event.

My InstaSleep melts do their job and I drift off to a peaceful sleep for ALMOST the whole trip! I arrive in Manhattan clear-headed, not groggy, and ready to JAM!

2:00pm – Roll into Okinii, set up, and play till 6pm

WHEW! What a weekend! Moral of the story? Sleep is crucial to our health, happiness, and careers. I am infinitely grateful to have found something that helps me take advantage of those precious hours while traveling. They make ALL the difference.

Not convinced? Try InstaSleep Mint Melts for yourself —> HERE.

One Last Thing… let’s say you are already in the midst of traveling, and you … ‘dun. dun. dunnn.’ (read as scary, horror-movie music)… FORGOT your Instasleep?! Or ran out?!

Not to worry! Instasleep is actually available at most of your major airport terminals now. 🙂 I was able to find this Instasleep package in the Tampa Bay Times news store at Tampa International Airport.


Sleeping Beauty gets to dream another day! Ready to go on a new adventure? Visit the Cayman Islands and more to get you pumping!

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