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SnaLegacyLounge_FS_259Hey guys!

In honor of the VMAs last night, I wanted to do a post about an outfit I wore to the Legacy Lounge gifting suite this past weekend at the London Hotel.

It’s been my experience that at any special event, most girls feel that in order to be noticed they need to be wearing the fanciest, shiniest, most glittery dress in the room, but I’m here to tell you that sometimes less… is more. 😉

Now, I know you’ve all heard this saying before, but let me explain what I mean by it… Don’t get me wrong, I like to dress up just as much as the next girl, and I’m not suggesting you ladies wear something totally inappropriate to whatever event, party, or social gathering you are going to, but sometimes dressing slightly opposite than the status quo can get you more noticed then trying to stand out with what everybody else is already doing.

For example, to an over-the-top, snazzy nightclub, try wearing something form-fitting and hot, but slightly more conservative than the usual disco-ball mini dress. I know this sounds weird and counter-intuitive, but people take notice and automatically categorize you as ‘classier’ and ‘more unique’ than the average girl. – Your subtle, understated beauty will end up making a BIG statement. Trust me. 🙂

Or go the opposite way… For example: When attending a work or engagement party, while still being ‘appropriate’ and not getting yourself into trouble with your boss or host… try something more than the typical ‘safe’ black dress. Go with a bold print, bright color, or tasteful, hot jumper… slightly low back?… You GO girl! Choices like this, which are in contrast to the typical ‘uniform’ code, will not only get you noticed, but will have you pegged as an innovator, risk-taker, and all around ‘cool’ girl. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

SnaLegacyLounge_FS_263Photo by Faye Sadou

I, myself, love playing with this counter-culture ideology. So, in dressing up for the Legacy Lounge VMA gifting suite, instead of getting all dolled-up in stilettos and a dress, I rocked my crop-top Dodgers tee from Lady Fanatics, high-waisted, polka-dot shorts from Forever 21, a blue jean tie-died shirt from Shop Style, and my super cute, all white Reebok kicks. tencel-denimOverall effect? – Got noticed as a self-assured, confident, ‘guys’ girl, who can rock a pair of tennis shoes in a room full of heels. #Awesome.

Shop Style jean shirt compliments of Pink Mascara


Dodgers T-shirt – Lady Fanatics

High waisted polka dot shorts – Forever 21

Blue Jean Tie-died shirt – Shop Style (Pink Mascara)

White sneakers – Reebok

Silver Dog Tag necklace – Tiffany & Co. (Men’s collection)

Sunglasses – Aldo


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