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Girls (and even guys) are always asking each other, ‘what are you wearing?!’ We are all guilty of it. None of us ever want to be over or under-dressed. Even if no else would care, you always feel like all eyes are firmly on you, and this can cause anxiety to bubble up. (We don’t want that! :))

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you the next time there’s an event coming up, whether that event is big or small, here is a handy little guide to give you an idea of how to find the right look for the right occasion!

Just to Chill

For many people, casual dress is their favorite type of clothing, and because it’s so relaxed, you can pretty much get away with anything. If it’s a chill day over at your friend’s watching movies, an old t-shirt and sweatpants are just as acceptable as brand new jeans and a polo shirt. Onesies are my personal fave. 😉

Dress To Impress

The older you get, the more formal occasions you will attend, so you’ve got to have options for these occasions. For guys, you can get away with a couple of suits and a range of different colored dress shirts. If you want to add something to the look, check out used Cartier watches for sale to add a spark of class without breaking the bank. 

For girls, it might be a little more complicated. As much as you’d love to wear the same dress twice… let’s be real, that’s not as fun! But if you’re trying to impress on a budget, consider different ways to accessorize. Add a blazer here or a necklace there. Try different hairstyles and shoes. As long as you stick to the general idea of formal, you’ll be good to go.

For Someone Else’s Day

You never want to upstage anyone on their special day, so for weddings and similarly celebratory occasions, it’s best to stick to neutrality. Sure, you might want to bring out the diamond-encrusted feather boa that you spend far too much on after your Christmas bonus, but is your best friend’s wedding really the time? 

No. 🙂

The general rule is don’t wear white, but also be careful not to wear anything too out there that could detract attention from the main event. If you think it’s too much, others will likely think so, also.

Looking Good, Feeling Better

Knowing how to dress and feeling COMFORTABLE in what you’ve chosen is key. Once you’ve decided, OWN it. Confidence is the last piece of the puzzle.

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