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The world is full of tips and products that are meant to help you improve your appearance. From skin control to hair products to special clothes – sometimes the number of options out there can be overwhelming! Yet there’s a problem with a lot of these methods – they’re super visible. After all, you can’t walk around in public with a face mask or a pore strip plastered across your face. It wouldn’t be very comfortable, and you’d get some pretty crazy looks. lol We all want to find ways to address elements of ourselves we aren’t quite happy with, but you don’t want everyone to see how you’re doing it! (Am I right?! :)) Don’t worry! – there are a few ways you can make changes ‘invisibly’ so that only you know what magic is being worked, and for everyone else it’ll seem like just that – M.A.G.I.C! One great example is the thread lift which is like a less invasive facelift.

Skin Magic

Spots. Zits. Pimples. They’re almost dirty words, and yet we all suffer from them. If you’ve ever had a big red spot pop up on your chin the night before a hot date, you’ll know the pain of trying to get rid of it or cover it up successfully. It seems impossible, right? Wrong. Stop trying to slather foundation over it – you’ll only irritate the area and clog it up further, making it even worse. Popping the zit is even worse; you risk getting scars, and a big red mark that will last for a few days even after the swelling is gone. Instead, try the new craze that has been sweeping the internet (and which actually works) – zit stickers. These little patches go right over the spot and cover it up like an invisible plaster, whilst attacking it and working to reduce the inflammation. You can even put make-up over them to make them even less noticeable! Using one overnight should clear you up in no time!

Perfect Smiles

If it wasn’t you yourself, you probably know some poor kid in school who got teased about their metal braces, right? We all want perfectly straight, white teeth just like they have in the movies, so some of us look for a cosmetic dentist to improve our smile. Feeling self-conscious about your smile is one of the worst feelings ever – and yet this can be a case where the cure is worse than the disease. After all, the thought of wearing a huge contraption inside your mouth for years is hardly going to fill you with joy. This is where invisible braces and invisalign treatment come in. Yes, you heard right! Invisalign can help straighten out those pearly whites behind the scenes. With invisalign, you can have a beautifully straight smile without the awkward part before when your mouth is a battleground of ugly metal and plastic. The next time you visit your dentist at her dental office or dental implant dentistry clinic, you may inquire an implant dentist about the invisalign treatment and other dental procedures to improve your smile such as having a dental implant. You may also consult a teeth whitening dentist to know the best way to achieve those pearly whites you’ve always wanted. These dental procedures will not only improve your confidence but will also contribute to your overall health and well-being. In addition, make sure to have regular visits to your dentist for general dentistry as well as preventive dentistry services and to avoid dental issues such as tooth decay and periodontal disease, among others. Severe cases of tooth decay may even require tooth extractions.

You With the Good Hair

Finally, not all of us are blessed with naturally luscious locks. Or maybe you just want something more VA-VA-VOOM to spice up your look? You should maybe check out invisible hair extensions. These aren’t surgically grafted, so it’s not invasive. They are a virtually invisible way to improve the look of your hair or to simply just try something new if you are too impatient to wait for it to grow. Pretty cool all the options we have today! Something definitely worth checking out.

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