Heating Up the Fall

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Ladies, just because it’s not bikini season anymore (unless you live in southern California in the valley lol), doesn’t mean we can’t still be svelte underneath those amazing jackets and knee high boots!

Here are some awesome items that I have picked up for working out. And they WON’T cost you an arm and a leg…which you WILL need if you plan on breaking a sweat. 😉


Check out this awesome hot pink racerback sports bra by La Isla and skinny printed-pant by Fila for a combined price of less than $49.99! The print is fun and unique, the fit is amazing, and the waistband does not pinch girls. Your stomach will look bomb. #LaurenApproved. 😉

IMG_1194 But don’t catch a cold! So, make sure to layer up with this slimming black and gray zip up jacket by Soho Girls. They have a ton of styles, so the link I provided is to a slightly different print of their awesome zip up!

Now, I know fall usually means a lot of blacks, greys, and other darker colors, but I love including one vibrant hue.

Check out this black workout pant by Nollia with a magenta zip-up hoodie by UDIY (also avail in Black and Grey). Best part?! Thumbholes people. For some reason, they keep me so much warmer! And I feel badass. So, there’s that. 😉 Top the outfit off with black Nike Flex sneaksIMG_1200





I want to end today’s blog post with something extra awesome! Keeping in line with the workout vibe, if you feel like doing some good while you are staying in shape, get this:

My incredibly amazing and talented friend Todd McCullough (who’s not only built like a Grecian God ladies, but who also happens to be a phenomenal personal trainer) is challenging us all this #Movember to move at least 30min/day to raise money for men’s health! Yup. I can get behind that!

Todd-McCullough-Bro-Yoga-Shirtless-Red-Bathing-Suit-05132014-01If you are down too, tag: #MensHealth and        @TmacFitness

OR you can donate directly to the cause as part of our team (yup, I committed!) Click HERE!


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