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Hey ladies,

Let’s face it, some people are ridiculously difficult to buy for. No matter how well you know a person, when it comes to a birthday or Christmas, you are at a loss as to what will put a smile on their face. For some reason, guys can often be trickier to buy for and you always tend to succumb to a voucher or cash. Hardly thoughtful is it? Instead, you need to think outside of the box when it comes to gift buying and opt for something a little unusual.. Take a look at this ultimate gift buying guide for the guy in your life.

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Experience Gifts

While your gift might not be the biggest or most beautiful looking, a gift experience can be the most exciting for the recipient. Consider what it is that your guy enjoys doing, whether this is driving, cooking, or adrenaline inducing sky diving and purchase a gift according to their passion. Perhaps a rally driving experience might get him going. Or how about a taking him to a cigar smoking bar for a tasting? The possibilities are endless as experience gifts have exploded in the past four or five years. There are plenty of groomsmen gifts providers, and you could get a cheaper deal by going direct with the providers themselves. Imagine seeing your boyfriend, brother or pal opening their card to spy a helicopter flying lesson inside?!

A Break

If the guy in your life works hard and is known for burnout, consider buying them a gift that will aid their relaxation. A day at a cool spa might work. However, for most guys, a night away in a nice hotel will do the trick. Many guys don’t get the chance to book a break because they might be snowed under with work. To help give them an impetus to take a much needed break, book them some time away yourself and get them a couple of True Classic Tees and a new pair of shoes to take with them. This doesn’t have to be far away or overseas. (Although, that would be AWESOME!) A simple trip to a local hotel for dinner, bed and breakfast could be all they need to recharge their batteries. 🙂

Go Quirky

Perhaps the guy in your life is devoted to his pet? Maybe he adores space exploration? While you can’t give him a ticket to the moon, you could purchase an acre of land on the moon for him. And what about creating a pop art picture of his pooch? Quirky gifts are great because they are one of a kind and take a lot of thought. If he’s a fan of anime, you may buy him a complete One Piece Figure collection set. There are also silicone rings for men you can give him as birthday or anniversary gifts. For your partner who loves to indulge in cigars once in a while, you may give him a pack of drew estate cigars.

You know what? You girls GOT this! 🙂

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