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image1Helllooo ‘statement piece!’

That is exactly what designer, Stacy Eden, knows how to create with her lines: Clutch Jewelry and Clutch Crowns.

All of her pieces are made with different types of metals, however, Stacy told me that she first etches the designs using wax. Then… she breaks out the big guns… power tools! Talk about using some heavy machinery to create beautiful jewelry. #Bomb

We shot this gritty and stylistic shoot in downtown, color-saturated Venice Beach, CA. The best thing about Clutch jewelry is there is something for everyone: burners, performers, trendy gals going out on the town, bohemian chicks, and of course all of you out there who love getting turnt up for music festivals! You will DEFINITELY stand out in the crowd when rockin’ some Clutch!

So guess what?!

Great news! In anticipation of festival season, designer, Stacy, has graciously offered a GIVEAWAY to my readers! – Her awesome Yeux Choker pictured below! Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.25.46 PMTo win, all you have to do is 1. SHARE THE LINK TO THIS ARTICLE and 2. use the HASHTAG #ClutchJewelry!

Of course, if you felt like following @ClutchJewelry and @ClutchCrowns, it DEFINITELY wouldn’t sophia-snake-bracelethurt your chances to win! 😉 (And you should anyway because her photo game on point.)

The winner will be announced THIS COMING FRIDAY!

Want to check out some more Clutch Jewelry and Clutch Crowns designs?

I don’t blame you! Click HERE to see pieces like the ‘Sophia Snake Bracelet’ pictured to the right or the ‘Batille Cuff‘ I am wearing below.

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