Festival Fashions! – From Coachella, to EDC, to Ultra, and more!

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Hello Fashionistas!IMG_5720_LAUREN

It’s festival season! And the fashions are EN FUEGO! – That’s Spanish for ‘ON FIRE.’ 🙂

First and foremost, I would like to introduce you to one of my best friends, and a fellow fashionista: Dr. Yahaira Serrano. She’s hot, she’s a ride-or-die, and she’s a doctor! #KillingIt

I’m gonna let her start us off this week, and tell us all about her style. Doc, take it away!…

Thanks, Lauren! So, the very persuasive Miss Mayhem convinced me to come to Coachella four days before the event… thats right FOUR. This normally wouldn’t be an issue but that meant FOUR days to plan the proper Coachella outfits. For anyone who follows any type of social media stream or hasn’t been living under a rock, you know Coachella isn’t just about the music 😉 We’re talking lots of accessories, flash tattoos, headgear, you name it!


I raced to the mall and much to my surprise discovered that stores such as Express, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters were carrying plenty of seasonal fashion a la’ music festival.

The first day of Coachella I wore a long white flowy sheer dress I found at Express. Underneath, I wore a white body suit which was perfect for the weather and the style! Lots of fine silver and gold jewelry and some flash tattoos including one around my forehead and you can say I was some form of Grecian Goddess/Angel at the festival! You may visit a jewelry shop like Gema & CO to find pieces of jewelry that will match your outfit.

The second day of Coachella I wore a black lace midriff top that I bought at Forever 21 and paired it with a hippie skirt I found at Urban Outfitters.

I wore a feather necklace I happened to already own from Express years ago, and stuck on some flash tattoos! Of course, comfort is key, so I wore some white Chuck II’s. The silver cuban link chain online is the highest sold on the market. Threw on a black hat, and voila! I also found an elite shungite pendant online that would be perfect for Coachella and for casual parties.

IMG_8801For Yahaira’s looks, shop these stores:

Urban Outfiters


Chuck II

Flash Tattoos

Thanks Yahaira! Isn’t she awesome?! So while Yahaira decided to go with the the flow-y, Grecian goddess motif all weekend, I opted for the tribal, edgy, ‘Burning Man‘ look. (For those of you who don’t know what ‘Burning Man’ is, click the link!)

Here’s my look #1  –  13076984_833348966809686_683168124127162737_nThe ‘California’ shirt is from Forever 21. It has a lace back and low sides, which allow my black Nike sports bra to peep through. I am also wearing Flash tats, but something worth mentioning about my ensemble is the hot pink tips of my hair brought to you by Instatint hair color products from Joico.

They. are. amazeballs.

I actually loved their spray in (one time wash out) hair color SO much, they let me be a part of their campaign! lol

CLICK HERE for my music video with the Naven Twins and Joico!

In addition, another noteworthy mention is my rustic KEY necklace. The necklace is actually the symbol of a charitable company called “The Giving Key.” You can pick your own word for the key, which can help you focus your energy towards something positive. Mine says “CREATE,” since I am a creator. They are very unique, and make amazing gifts.

Look # 2 – IMG_4022This was my look for day #2. The shorts were an awesome find at a random boutique while I was traveling in Buenos Aires, Argentina (sorry ladies!), HOWEVER, my awesome crop shirt is by one of my absolute FAVE dance/rave/festival designers – Electric Family! They have T-shirts, beanies, hats, bracelets and more! They have men’s stuff as well, so a great gift for your man, ladies. 🙂 #Twinsies?! haha

Shop MY looks:

Forever 21


The Giving Key

Electric Family

Till next time Fashionistas!!

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