Fashion Faux Pas We’ve All Made!

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We all like to think we’re fashionable, or at least that we’ve got a little bit of style! For the most part, I’m more than confident you’ve all got an excellent fashion sense. But, from time to time, there are some common fashion mistakes we’re all guilty of making…

Buying clothes in the wrong size

How many of you have purchased something in a size just because it’s ‘your size’? You know what I’m talking about, you try something on, it doesn’t quite fit right, but you’re a size 2 and this is a size 2…so it must fit! More often than not, we squeeze into tight clothes because we don’t want to size up. The thing is…brands design their products differently, so there’ll always be sizing differences! But if you buy your clothes in the wrong size for you, then they just don’t look right. And that’s WAY worse. I promise you this… no one will know the number on the inside of pants other than you. 🙂

Spending far too much on something just because of the logo

Come on, we’re all guilty of buying something outrageously expensive for no reason other than the logo it possesses. We crave designer brands, which leads us to blow a load of cash on something we could probably get for half the price elsewhere. The reality is that there are affordable brands out there that create stylish clothing. If you shop around, you will learn more about these brands and can see the products they produce. Instead of spending all your money on one thing, you can probably buy an entire outfit – or two!

Copying other people instead of dressing for yourself

Okay, this is a deep one, but how many people will buy clothes to try and emulate what they see on others? We see so many celebs wearing specific clothes, so it makes us feel like they’re fashionable. But when we buy them ourselves, it may look totally different. That’s not good or bad, it’s just how it is. So, stop looking at others and feeling like you need to copy what they wear. Sure, take inspiration, but always think about yourself! Find out what looks good on you, then buy things that suit your body type, go well with your skin, and so on.

Look, we all make mistakes – and that’s what makes us human. There’s no shame in admitting you’ve made some of the fashion faux pa’s on this list – hell, I’ve made all of them! LOL But now we have pin-pointed them, so let’s learn from them! 


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