Dress Up for Summer!

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Hey guys!

Hope everyone has been having an amazing summer, but it’s not over yet! I teamed up with Hyphen Threads this week to show you just how HOT August can get!

First and foremost, I want to introduce my guest blogger, Lauren Compton. Obviously, Lauren has an awesome name (#HighFiveForLaurens :)), but more importantly she is a crazy talented host and comedian. She also happens to be my good friend and has a killer sense of style. Lauren, thanks for joining us today. Take it away… 🙂

Lauren C: Thanks, Lo! Dressing up has always been one of my favorite things to do and I’ve progressively been getting more and more into fashion and having a unique style; which is why I just LOVE these two outfits! They make me feel happy and beautiful. If you want more ways to style your summer outfits, sites such as Culture magazine might be of great help.

The shirt, for obvious reasons, is so fun and cute and light weight. I can’t help but smile when I wear it! It comes in a few different colors, but since summer is here I felt like white was the freshest.

And this Summer dress is just to die for! I love the navy blue with the pops of pink in the flowers and the super sexy slit down the leg. I’ll definitely be wearing this out to Sunday brunch with my girlfriends . 

Get Lauren’s Look BELOW~

Shirt – Hyphen Threads

Shorts – 1xTeaspoon

Dress – Hyphen Threads

Follow Lauren :

IG – https://www.instagram.com/iamlaurencompton

FB – https://www.facebook.com/iamlaurencompton

Thanks, Lauren!

So while LC is keeping it fresh and light, summer can also still be sultry. Check out this awesome suede jacket by MNG, leggings by LulLaR0e, and sweet black T-shirt by Hyphen Threads.

I like to mix dark colors with bright, bold prints. These colorful, patterned leggings (which are buttery soft btw) are a great accent piece with this cross neck T-shirt by Hyphen.

I like to bring a light jacket with me for the night air, so this look is super versatile. Check out below what the shirt looks like without the jacket. Breezy and light.

This look is perfect for daytime and a casual evening. It’s fun and trendy, while also being comfortable. If you want my first look, click the brand names in the paragraph above.

Now here’s a more going out type of look…

I love pairing these Coobie stretch, black leggings with a Forever 21 crop top, Rayban sunglasses, and a soft pink satin Hyphen Threads jacket. My favorite part about the jacket though is the script on the back. Check it out…

If you want this look, shop the below links:

Jacket – Hyphen Threads

Leggings – Coobie 

Crop top – Forever 21

Sunglasses – Ray-ban

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