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11350699_687626658048585_4135252883768034667_nAs a girl who is CONSTANTLY on the go, being able to shift from daytime to nighttime attire without having to head back to my house is definitely a huge added plus!

Recently, I was running around town to meetings and auditions during the day. The outfit that I had selected for my daily routine was a colorful T-shirt with form fitting, faded, skinny jeans, and sandals.

Last minute – as it happens SO MUCH of the time to all of us – I got asked by my friend, Mark Hapka, to attend an amazing red carpet documentary for a film called – “Unity.”

Not wanting to miss out, but not having enough time to fight traffic and go all the way home, I utilized my ‘go pack’ in my car to save ME my sanity and the OTHER DRIVERS on the road from me in a mad dash! (You guys DEFINITELY know what I’m saying.)

I threw on a pair of nude heels (which go with everything), slapped on some turquoise eyeliner to match my shirt, and added some statement black and gold colored earrings (which are likely to go with most outfits.) If you want to wear something that can easily attract others’ attention, you can throw in one of those pendants for sale.

Boom. Nighttime attire solved. The only problem we had is a car accident thanks to a mad dash across town who putted in risk the pedestrian safety in the bay area.

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‘GO BAGS’ ladies. Not just for secret agents like ‘Jason Bourne’ in “Bourne Identity” anymore…

Shirt and Jeans – H&M

Earrings – Forever 21

Shoes – Steve Madden

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  • Mathieas

    Something you might want to stick in your ‘go bag’.

    Also, it is a good idea to include two types of firestarters, a signal mirror, and a plastic tarp for shelter.


    Awesom idea 🙂

  • Romain

    That’s a very good idea. Even if I am a boy, I think your idea is very useful because girls are NOT the only ones who need to be ready for special occasions.

  • Lauren

    So true Romain!! This definitely applies for guys as well. Black V-neck shirt may be a good go to for casual to nighttime attire. Also, dark denim jeans as opposed to light. For guys though, I think it’s mostly in the shoes that dress up or dress down an outfit.

  • Lauren

    Thanks so much! Let me know if it works for you 🙂

  • Lauren

    Mathieas, hahaha taking the ‘go bag’ to a WHOLE new level! BUTTT… also very helpful 🙂 Never can be too careful. lol

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