Customize Your Makeup! – With Maskcara

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Hey Ladies,

Need an all-in-one compartment that has your lips, cheeks, foundation, highlighter, contour, and setting powder all in one?

What about eye shadows? Oh, and don’t forget a decently sized mirror so you can see what you are doing!

FINALLY a customizable answer is found with Maskcara Beauty. Pick your shade of foundation, lip/cheek accents, and eye shadows all to match your skin color perfectly with magnetic pots that you can pop right in to your stylish Maskcara case.

Maskcara also makes a blender sponge, which they call the ‘perfector,’ and a series of brushes that are multi-purpose for foundation and eye shadows. Both of the brushes illustrated here have dual sides, which can be used to contour larger or smaller areas of the face.

Check out this video to see ALL the possibilities! And click this link DIRECTLY if you’d like to get some MASKCARA of your own! —>

Watch this video to learn how to BEST apply Maskcara makeup. It’s a simple, easy video that takes less than 5min!
Get started with you palette today – Click Here!





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