Business via Zoom and StreamYard!

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How’s it going, guys? You making it through the pandemic? How many of you are Zooming, StreamYarding, and Skyping for work, interviews, and audience engagement now? I know I am!

Check out this recent interview I did with ABC “Morning Blend” for my new lead role in Hulu’s “Trollstopa.”

Tips to having a GREAT ZOOM call, interview or stream!

  1. Install great lighting in your office or room. This is a must if you want to create a good ambiance. Visit sites like to hire a professional who can install one in your chosen space.
  2. Set dress your space! – Clean, de-clutter, and add a pop of color.
  3. Test your mic and camera before going live.
  4. Airpods or a separate mic can sometimes improve quality drastically.
  5. Have a dedicated wifi for your office. Ideally, you are subscribed to an unlimited internet plan.
  6. Have IT services around (if you’re in an office) to get support when something doesn’t go right. You can visit now to know more about managed IT services and how they can help your business.
  7. Make use of a database so you’re transactions would be smooth and secure. Visit this page to know more.

If you are planning on starting a business, working with or being endorsed by an expert like SOL Global CEO Andy Defrancesco can give you the exposure your business needs, and it can legitimize you in the eyes of customers.

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