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14199223_907370042740911_6392691069903762670_n‘Mad Max’ combined with desert dust, metal jewelry, and glittery neon lights equals… you guessed it… BURNING MAN.

But where does one find the inspired pieces that will transport you directly to the playa vibes?

This year was my second Burning Man, but I had a few Burner virgins coming with me. And I have to tell you, they were definitely stressing as to where to find epic desert gear.

So here are a few tips at places to look:

  1. Find basic pieces first: Tanks, bikinis, solid soft T-shirts, cargo pants, and cut off shorts at a place like H&M. You will build your ‘Burner’ look from there…
  2. THEN start intro-ing your statement pieces. Etsy is a great place for festival jewelry. Amazon is also a41x4vfrc97l great ‘one stop shop.’ I found these AWESOME goggles (a MUST on the playa) for only $11.99 on Amazon Prime WITH free delivery while a friend bought the SAME pair for $70 at a NYC boutique. AVOID boutiques at all costs! You can find this stuff elsewhere for WAYYY cheaper.
    CLICK HERE for goggles.
  3. At night, you WANT to glow. Trust me. Not only is it a cool look, but it also helps keep you safe from being run over by the plethora of speedy, desert bikers who can’t see you for shit in the pitch blackness of the deep playa. There are a TON of awesome rave companies that do glow-in-the-dark pieces. From bras, to jackets, screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-1-22-50-pmto hats, to ties, and bodysuits, there is something for all guys and girls. Two of my personal fave companies are Electric Styles and Electric Family. Here’s an AMAZING ‘General’s Hat’ I got from @ElectricStyles. CLICK HERE for the General Hat.
  4. Shoes. So integral to every outfit. I rocked cowboy boots the majority of the time on the playa, but I also had a pair of thigh-high, flat boots that I wore with some of my one-piece leotards. I donned these with thigh-high socks at night to help keep warm from the desert’s sharp drop in temperature. (Chrissy’s Knee High Socks is a great online store for thigh-highs.) If you NEED to wear a heel, a platform or THICK, low combat-boot sort of heel is the ONLY way to go. IF you try something more, you WILL be uncomfortable and WILL look stupid. #DontBeThatGirl 😉
  5. Make it your own. This is the BEST part in my opinion. Add a piece that is YOU. For me, one of  my signatures is my fingerless, black, leather gloves with studs by @MatsuGloves. I wore a pair of gloves with EACH one of my Burning Man outfits. They were functional with all the bike riding, and epically awesome. Win, win!14222275_909974685813780_5682447343369895741_nCLICK HERE for gloves.

That’s all for now Burner Babes and Baddasses!

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