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If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably feel a lot of pressure to be switched on all the time. (I know I do.) There’s so much to be done, and limited time and energy to work with. In the quest for more productivity, it can be tempting to just put more hours in. But this risks burn-out and ill health. Take it from me… it’s just not sustainable. So how can you boost your productivity and see your success soar, without putting in any more hours? Aside from the tips below, other entrepreneurs such as Andrew Defrancesco might also be able to share a thing or two.

Reduce distractions

Certain things will be sucking your time, energy and focus without you even realizing. Social media is definitely one of them. Did you know that the average person spends more than two hours on social media and messaging platforms per day? That’s an extra two hours right there that could either be spent working, learning new things, or relaxing. (Unless part of your work IS social media…aka ME and some of you out there.) In that case, I would try to draw a strict line between ‘fun’ social browsing, and the actual work that you must complete on any particular social app.

Try setting time limits for yourself and having dedicated time periods that you check your socials. Use a scheduler like Hootsuite to maintain a regular posting schedule without having to sign in. You’ve just gained yourself a whole lot of time and headspace!

Manage your time smartly

Sweden trialled six-hour workdays and found that productivity and well-being increased. Workers got the same amount of work done, but in less time, and they felt better too. Other countries are considering shortening the working week to four days. The lesson here is that working longer hours doesn’t necessarily mean getting more done. But one thing it does mean is that your energy, health, and happiness is probably at risk. Resist the urge to work long hours, and commit to working short, productive hours instead. You could try the Pomodoro Technique (, which is popular among entrepreneurs looking to manage their time.

Recharge your batteries

If your brain feels cluttered with a million daily stresses, you won’t be able to focus on the task at hand. That’s why it’s so important to give your brain what it needs – some rest! Take plenty of time to recharge your batteries. As an entrepreneur, you might have a packed schedule and feel like you always have to be busy. Try scheduling an hour or two of relaxation each day. Put it in your diary (or in my case, my Ical :)) and commit to it like you would any other appointment. Your health and wellbeing are vital to the success of your business, so invest in yourself. Make time for friends and family and any hobbies that make you smile. Take time to exercise each day. All of this should give you more resilience, enthusiasm and positivity, which you can then apply to your work. Everything comes easier when you feel happy and well-rested!

Get the most out of technology

Do you know all the shortcuts on your mac keyboard? Using these shortcuts helps to keep you ‘in-flow’ while you’re writing and maximizes your efficiency. And what about technical failures? For example, knowing how to escape a frozen screen will make you infinitely more productive. You should also make sure you’ve got plenty of apps to boost your productivity. Make use of notes, reminders, distraction blockers, and project management tools. The technology is all there to help you, so why not make the most of it?

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