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Let’s talk body piercing’s people! I, myself, only have one in each ear, but I have been thinking about a second piercing for awhile now. Piercings have always been popular. In some cultures, they are seen as a status symbol, and they play a big part in the history of some countries. In other areas, they are purely fashion accessories. Men and women all over the world get pierced just because they want to. They get in touch with Body Piercing Jewellery Suppliers because they want to add jewelry to other parts of their body, with many choosing to adorn the bits that they like the most or want to get noticed. 

For many of us, when we’re growing up, we see our friends and peers getting their ear lobes pierced, this is usually the most popular piercing for young people and the only one that some piercers will do for under 16s. Other piercings seem to have surges in popularity, like other fashion trends. In the late ’90s and early 2000s, it seemed that every young woman wanted their belly button accessorized.

Many of us at some point wonder if we’d like another piercing — something to show off or to add something extra to our look. But, with so many options from a second set in the lobes to a tongue web piercing (definitely not my jam, but to each his own! :)), it can be hard to know what is right for you. Here are some things to consider when making your choice. 

Where Do You Work?

Piercings can, of course, be taken out, but not usually for the first few months at least. Some jobs include piercings in their uniform regulations, so you might want to consider consulting your employer or employee handbook if you are considering something obvious. If It’s likely to cause a problem, you might want to consider something subtle, or that’s easily covered up. 

Is this Your First Piercing?

If this is your first piercing or your first since you got your ears pierced as a child, you might want to test the water with another ear piercing. The helix can be a good option if you want something different to a lobe, but with good healing times, low risk of infection and little pain. 

Are You Committed to Aftercare?

Some piercings take longer to heal than others. During this time, they will need cleaning, and you’ll need to stick to any aftercare instructions given by your piercer. If you aren’t committed to taking care of a new piercing, look for something that heals quickly. 

How Flashy Are You?
Sometimes it’s just down to personal preference. Are you the kind of person that wants things to be noticed? Do you want people to compliment you on your piercing? Do you want it to stand out all of the time? Or, would you prefer custom jewelry that is just for you? Or something subtle, like a small stud, that people can see if they look, but doesn’t draw attention?

Just make sure you think about all of these things before making your choice! 🙂 and of course.

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