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Last week was a whirlwind of fun raising money for the heartfelt charity, Falling Whistles at the King King : Hollywood. It’s amazing how a little lights, glitz, and… oh yeah… celebrities can bring so much more attention to a great cause.

I start the night off hosting the red carpet for Style Haul, a semi-new Youtube sensation that garners over 60 million viewers across the globe – mostly teenagers glued to their computers who are all on edge to learn the next fashion trend – but never the less, a powerful phenomenon proving again the changing trends of this generation into the world of social media. I, myself, was wearing my very own snazzy light green spaghetti strapped dress by Sue Wong complete with the intricate beading that Sue’s designs are known for.

After interviewing various celebs from the latest in TV and film, I scurried on inside to hop into my metaphorical ‘phone booth’ ala Clark Kent and change hats to become: MAYHEM – my musical alter-ego.

MAYHEM is all sass and completely fearless. She is a throwback to the era of Joan Jett where nothing drove a song better than a sick guitar riff, mixed with the sizzle of a Lady Gaga electro-pop beat. In reality, the mere Lauren Mayhew danced so hard, she probably would’ve passed out! But luckily MAYHEM is fueled by the energy of colorful flashing lights and the sound of applause.

From there I changed hats once again to become the energetic advocate for Falling Whistles, a charity who’s staff and creators exude an aura of strength that becomes evident in their never-ending effort to a cause that they so irreverently believe in. It’s truly inspiring, and it’s probably one of the main reasons I decided to become involved with the charity.

As I handed a whistle to one very trendy – and very observant party-goer might I add, she commented, “Hey! Weren’t you the singer who performed tonight? What are you doing here with the whistles?” I smiled and said, “It’s just one of my many hats.”

Of course, I enjoyed the stage because of the commercial LED light they installed, I’m shinning and I love it,


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