Look out BEACH, here we come!

Hey guys! Summer is FULLY upon us! Beach breaks are fantastic, aren’t they?! What could be better than spending hours laying in the sun, reading a book and sipping an ice-cold drink, far away [...]

My Secret Weapon – To Beat Jet Lag

So, as most of you know, I sing, DJ, and act. All of these activities keep me on the move to different locations, times zones, and venues around the world. We have all been there… Why is it [...]

5 Ways To Always Look Youthful

Youth is important to all of us – that natural glow, the flawless skin… Well, the trick to always being your most beautiful you is to START NOW! I’ve put together a list of 5 ways to [...]

Fashion Faux Pas We’ve All Made!

We all like to think we’re fashionable, or at least that we’ve got a little bit of style! For the most part, I’m more than confident you’ve all got an excellent fashion sense. But, from time to [...]

Give Your Skin the Love It Needs!

For some reason, a lot of people seem to forget that there’s a pretty strong connection between doing what’s best for your body and helping yourself look great. Sure, we all know that [...]

Simple Ways To Save Time on Your Makeup

Hello Ladies, Women all over the world (including myself :)) spend far too long stuck in front of a mirror every morning, trying to perfect their image. After all, it is drummed into us from an [...]

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