Behind the scenes peak at “Look Inside!”

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These photos by Sam Hon and Danny Garcia are from MAYHEM’S UPCOMING music video to be featured on the DVD of LIONSGATE distributed film : “BURNED!” Miss Mayhew will also be appearing as one of the lead actors in the role of ‘Cheree.’

Artist: MAYHEM

Song by Lauren Mayhew and Bos Billions

Production: Bos Billions








Thanks so much to Sarah and Blake for their amazing arial performance and teaching me

all the fantasitc arial work!


Thanks so much to our wonderful crew and to our cinematographer and grip: Richard Salazar and Danny Garcia! You both were invaluble!








Lastly, thank you to my amazing dancers: Jenna Patterson, Brandy and Brittany Commodore, and Kali Sanchez.

And to my studly male model/personal trainer: Todd McCullough for his guest appearance!

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