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IMG_8376Hello trendsetters,

Welcome to summer accessories! There is still some precious, summer sun and killer music festivals to be enjoyed, so let’s get to it!

I know you guys have all seen these amazing, shiny tattoos! – Nothing new, BUT they are still super fun, trendy, and now… a whole lot LESS pricey. Where, pray tell??? – Claire’s Accessories!

Now, I know this store totally brings you back to your days in middle school, but it should not be over-looked. They are all over the country in most malls (so very convenient), and they usually offer cool boutique trends at NON-boutique prices. For example, I got two full sheets of tattoos for about $12, and then got the second packet for less than $5 with an awesome deal they had going on! Boom. Point made. 😉

Let’s move on to the rings. I am obsessed with Lia Sophia. This brand has amazing, bling-y, statement rings, necklaces, and earrings for affordable prices. I like to mix and match and wear multiple rings of varying sizes on both hands. With a hot new mani, you will want to keep touching things to show them off – like your face, your cell phone, or a hot boy…Just sayin’. Also, if you are planning on buying diamond stud earrings, learn how to choose the right diamond first.


Last, but definitely not least, this awesome feather and metallic earring. It actually does come as a set, but I, personally, like wearing only one earring sometimes to offset my outfit; especially if the earring has some length to it and dangles like this one from Bebe.

So, don’t let another sun-kissed moment pass you by. Get out there and sizzle in some sexy new jewelry.

Shine Tattoos : Claire’s Accessories 

Rings : Lia Sophia

Feather, dangle earring : Bebe

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  • Amy Pilling

    I love Lia Sophia too! Claires of course is a must because of my three daughters as well! Lauren, looking fabulous as ever my friend!

  • Lauren


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