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Baby, it’s cold outside!…IMG_1073

Hello lovely fashionistas,

Hope you are snuggled up while reading this. 😉 I’ve picked up some AMAZING ‘must haves’ for this holiday season. So don’t just be warm, be HOT!…

Let’s start out with this SUPER stylish navy army jacket with brass buttons from Zara. Not only is this coat thick and lined, but it’s also an awesome statement-piece to sizzle in a crowd.

I paired this jacket with a cream lace shirt, tribal inspired necklace, jeans, and boots from BCBG. (*Can’t seem to find these awesome boots for sale online anymore, but check out these high heeled-stunners by KaiZou that are in the same family of ‘awesomeness.’) – CLICK HERE.

Alright ladies, the theme for today is… fingerless gloves.

IMG_1094I want my hands to be warm (and stylish) but it drives me nuts to have to take off my gloves to use my Iphone or apply lipgloss. 🙁

So I say, “Irksome fingered gloves – Be Gone! There is a new gal in town and she’s hot AND functional!” 😉

These red leather gloves are by Matsu Gloves. They. Are. Amazing. The quality and fit is awesome. Check them out – HERE.




Now, while we all know MY preferred glove preference now, Matsu gloves actually has ALL kinds of different and amazing styles… (Even if you are a lover of the ‘fingered’ glove styles. ;)) Just take a peek at this next look…


Check out these awesome black leather gloves with lace detail. In a word. BADDASS. Other items to notice with this ensemble are the Jessica Simpson Black suede bootie-pumps, the leather and faux fur Allbebe black jacket, and the Calvin Klein pleather and lycra stretch pants. Comfort + Style = Hell Yes!


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