5 Ways to Make Your Summer Party Unique

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Who doesn’t love a summer party? It’s the perfect way to spend time with your family and friends outdoors, taking advantage of the sunshine and warm evenings in the backyard and enjoying your time while jumping and partying in outdoor bounce house inflatables. While they can take planning and prep work, the memories made make it worth it. 

According to a Four Loko survey, respondents said their ideal summer party would be in the backyard of a friend and include around 20 guests, foods like hamburgers made out of freshly baked brioche buns and juicy burger patties, fresh fruit, grilled corn, chips and dip, sushi catering or full service catering, and an ice chest filled with a cold beer and an orangina drink. You can also set up some ice machines so that you ‘ll never run out of ice. While that may seem to be the perfect recipe, make yours a little more unique with these options. 

Find an event venue that can accommodate your guests and one that can be modified to match the theme you have in mind. In addition, if it’s an outdoor event, you may also need to include the cost of restroom trailers for rent or special event restrooms to your budget, which you can avail at a minimum cost from a portable restroom rentals service. Finally, to ensure everyone’s safety and security, you may want to hire event security guard services like the ones from https://theguardalliance.com/industries-we-serve/events/.

Make it Themed

A themed summer party makes things a lot more interesting, plus it’s easier to coordinate the invitations and decor. The warm weather is ideal for a luau. You can use coconuts and pineapples for decor and perhaps hollow out the insides to pour in a Hawaiin cocktail like Mai Tais and Blue Hawaiians. Don’t forget the aloha sign to welcome everyone in, tiki torches, and tropical floral arrangements. You could ask your guests to don their favorite Hawaiian shirts and leis too. If you want to have some hot tubs to dip into, make sure to contact a hot tub hire service right away.

If you have a pool, a pool party is a no-brainer, or make it beachy by adding seashells and sand-based centerpieces. Either go well with BBQ favorites like grilled chicken and a crisp summer salad. If you want a party on wheels, a party bus would be perfect and you can tour the city while partying inside.

Memorable Entertainment

Entertainment provides a focal point that ensures party-goers won’t get bored. It’s surprisingly easy to hire quality talent these days, with apps available that offer a wide range of choices when it comes to an artist for hire. You could rent a portable stage and book a singer, a band, a comedian, or even a celebrity impersonator. Just imagine the looks on your guests’ faces when Tom Cruise, Marilyn Monroe, or Britney walk in.

Host a Wine Tasting Station

If you plan to serve wine at your party, why not host a wine tasting station that makes it more memorable? Order your favorite wines from a liquor store, set up a pop up canopy or a table covered with a white tablecloth (it makes it easier to see the true color of the wine) and place a spit bucket and water cafe in the middle. All this can be provided by party hire Melbourne. You’ll need two to three wine glasses for each guest, along with a water glass and a small pad of paper for note-taking. You can place the wine bottles into paper bags to disguise the labels. Have everyone taste individually, making their own guesses and observations, writing them down on the paper provided. Once everyone has had a chance to taste, reconvene and discuss. After deductions have been made, reveal the bottles. 


Photoshoots have been increasingly popular at parties around the world, with so many looking to fill their Instagram feeds. While a photo wall is great, when you’re outside, take advantage of the backdrop. You might even hang picture frames from trees and include a basket with props. To make the photos even more appealing, you may order custom framing for each of them.

DIY Ice Cream Bar

Adding ice cream into the mix will help keep everyone cool while enjoying an extra tasty treat. Set up an ice cream bar where your guests can make their very own masterpieces by including a variety of toppings like marshmallows, chocolate chips, cookie dough, M&Ms, and chocolate syrup. You can even rent a bus so that it will serve as your ice cream bar. You can click here to learn more.

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