5 Ways To Always Look Youthful

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Youth is important to all of us – that natural glow, the flawless skin… Well, the trick to always being your most beautiful you is to START NOW!

I’ve put together a list of 5 ways to look great as you go each year around the sun!

#1: Use SPF moisturizer

As much as all of us love to be in the sun, the truth is that it just isn’t great for your skin. In fact, even being out and about when the sun isn’t out can affect your skin pretty badly, and using an SPF moisturizer should be a daily part of your beauty regime. Whether you stick with SPF 15 or you want to go for a higher level of protection, make sure SPF moisturizer is one of your beauty staples.

#2: Sleep on a silk pillowcase

OK, so this sounds like one of these old wives tales, but if you want to age with grace, then sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a good idea. Not only does it help to reduce wrinkles, as cotton and polyester pillowcases are harsh on – and pull at – your skin, but it stops your hair from getting split ends which is a reasonable solution in case of hair loss, which is pretty ideal all around. They’re not too expensive to buy, either!

#3: Drink water

Water is God’s own anti-aging gift, and it’s one that you should utilize. Not only does it bring a whole host of health benefits with it, but it also helps your skin to retain elasticity, and it just gives you that fresh look that we all want so much. Forget mad beauty regimes; just do what you can to drink as much water as possible, and take a water bottle with you wherever you go.

#4: Give smoking a miss

Without wanting to sound like your Mom giving you a lecture, smoking has so many bad effects on your body – and your skin in particular – and it’s really not worth lighting up that cigarette if you’re trying to keep those youthful looks. As doctors have found, it can even cause your breasts to sag, so if you’d rather pass on that breast augmentation, then say goodbye to those cigarettes.

#5: Eat well

Eating well now – just like drinking water every day – will show in the future. Giving your body all of the nutrients that it needs now will mean that your skin has everything that it needs to protect itself, and a healthy, balanced diet is something that you will be glad you maintained. Fruit, veggies, and also a little treat now and again, will all contribute to a great diet in the long-term.

Good luck, ladies! Hope you enjoyed these tidbits!

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