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Hey guys,

As all of you know, I work in the music industry. I recently moved to NYC and have been hustling hard at my craft. That being said, we usually talk fashion and lifestyle here, so I thought I’d take some recent things I’ve learned through my business and apply it to any of you new and amazing fashion designers out there. 🙂

According to Andrew Defrancesco, we often think of fashion as being a rather cut-throat business. After all, it’s usual the most important designer brands hold the most sway. 

All of this can prove quite daunting for hopeful, up-and-coming fashion designers who are worth their salt. But all of us entrepreneurs can avoid that sense of immediate defeat – and instead realize that actually – there is much potential to take advantage of. 

Here are some essential tips that every entrepreneur or fashion startup should know. 

Use Social Media

I know this seems like an obvious one, but using social media to your advantage is absolutely essential if you hope to reach people. You might also use stores such as Depop to help list your items and open your own vintage store. Using great photography to showcase your works is also incredibly helpful. But here’s the trick… make the content unique, make it authentic, make it you. You will be genuinely surprised by how powerful the response can be. 

Use Startup Conveniences

Startup conveniences can go a long way too. It might not be that you have the most powerful office or even a registered place of business to conduct your affairs from. This is where services such as Physical Address can help you find a virtual contact point for correspondence and registration that you might need in order to become a meaningful business. 

Let Your Work Speak

The great thing about worthwhile art and fashion is that if the content is great, then it will turn heads. This is why you should absolutely focus on your craft as much as possible, letting your work speak. I do the same thing with my music. It all starts with a great product, a great hook, a catchy melody.

Connect With Others

I connect with other musicians all the time; across borders, time zones, and language barriers. There are many small designers hoping to get their foot in the door as well. If you connect and network with them you might be able to collaborate, become friendly with the competition, or share creative ideas. Remember, no fashion outfit is an island. 

And who knows where you’ll be in five years?!  Inspire people, connect with people. I hope you achieve all your dreams!

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