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A new season is creeping up on us already, and with it, the feeling that it is time to try something new. It is a time to set ourselves new challenges, finally get around to ticking off some items on that to-do list and perhaps even step outside of our comfort zone. Sometimes it can be difficult to know quite where to start, we just know that we are ready for a change. Which is where we come in as today we are sharing with you 3 changes to try this fall. 

Commit to learning something new 

Learning new things is invigorating – it adds something to your repertoire, it can make you happier, and it is just plain fun!

For this one, it’s really up to you how far you go. I like to challenge myself and try something new as often as I can. Maybe pick up a book and read on a topic you know nothing about, or pop over to YouTube and follow tutorials for some fun DIY crafts. You can also get the topmost cricut machine to assist in your DIY needs. You could also enroll in an evening class to learn a new language. (I’m constantly brushing up on my Spanish. :)) Maybe you will finally get around to figuring out how to use your camera properly! LOL Lastly, you could go really big and go back to college or shift your career path!

Go small or go big, it doesn’t matter, just try something new for YOU!

Take up a new way of keeping fit

If you have been neglecting your fitness levels lately or you are a bit bored with your current regime (this happens all the time), now is the time to find a new way of keeping fit. 

Outfit – OnFit

It can be hard to stick to keeping your body fit and healthy if your fitness routine is boring you.

Look around at classes available at your gym or near to you, ask your friends what they do, or just add a little variety to what you do now. You can incorporate superfood powders to your diet for improved digestion and better muscle strength, read the 11 benefits of green superfood powders now to learn more.

As with all things, you will want to look and feel the part, so do grab yourself some comfortable and stylish clothing, just click here to give yourself a boost and get you back out there again.

Give yourself a mini makeover

This one can be great for your confidence and help shift your mindset into doing a few more new things. 

These can be subtle changes that only you really notice but that give you a burst of confidence and happiness, or they can be more obvious to others.

You might invest in long silk nightdresses or new underwear like the ones from Cris’ Lingeries (you know it’s there AND that special someone :)) or select a new fragrance that you love. Perhaps you will wear flats when you normally go for heels (for us NYC ladies, this seems to be the ongoing fad now.). You could also challenge yourself to actually wear everything in your wardrobe and discover a few new outfits and looks that way. Daunting, I know, but fun! 

Whatever you go for, go for it because you want to do it and because it feels right for you. Enjoy it. 

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