3 Active Ingredients to Look for in Your Skin Care Products

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Trying to choose skin care products can be a real nightmare. There are so many different things out there, all claiming that their active ingredient is the best thing for your skin, so how do you know which is actually best for you? As per the Dermatology and Laser Group different skin types respond best to certain ingredients so something that works great for a person with dry skin is going to make your face look very greasy if you have oily skin. Half the battle is working out what your skin type is and experimenting with products that work for you. However, there are some skin care ingredients that work well for almost everybody. When you’re trying to make sense of skin care products, these are the active ingredients you should look for.

Glycolic Acid

A good exfoliator is an important part of your skin care routine because it strips away dead skin cells to give you a healthy glow, cleans out pores to avoid any spots from developing, and evens out your skin tone. There are quite a few different exfoliating ingredients out there but the one that you should always look for is glycolic acid. It’s a common ingredient in a lot of home skin peels because it’s very effective at removing the top layer of damaged skin to reveal the healthier skin underneath, but it won’t leave you red faced like a lot of the harsher ingredients you find in skin peels.

Vitamin C

We all know that vitamin C is an important part of our diets but did you know that it’s also great for your skin? Products that contain vitamin C stimulate collagen production which prevents wrinkles, brightens your skin, and even out the skin tone. It can also control oil production which helps to reduce acne. If you can find products that use hyaluronic acid with vitamin C, you’ll get the added benefits of a great moisturizer as well. When you’re looking for a good all around skin care product, you should always try to find something that contains vitamin C because it’s one of the best ingredients for your skin.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a hugely popular skin care ingredient at the moment especially for postpartum care. A lot of people buy coconut oil and use it to make their own homemade skin products, but there are also some great products that you can buy which use coconut oil as the main ingredient. If you don’t like the idea of using too many man made chemicals and you want a more natural skin care product, coconut oil is the way to go. It’s a brilliant natural moisturizer and it can reduce inflammation which will even your skin tone. If you suffer from acne it’s great to use organic eye cream from Malie too because it has antibacterial properties which will reduce the chances of infection which leads to spots.

Making sense of all of the different types of skin care products can be tough, but the important thing is that you ignore all of the bold claims that they make on the packaging and check the back for these active ingredients.

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